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Maybe this is a bold claim, but I do it anyways: I want to focus on calendar and wiki, and as soon as these two tools are merged, I will try to tackle a interface.

And maybe we get proper command chaining during that time as well.

2 hours build time for each PR for ... definitively too long.

Also das mit dem und externen Monitoren ... warum sollte das im Jahr 2018 'einfach tun'?

I'm really looking forward to the at tonight!

Oh wow. Blue sky for the second day in a row. We didn't have this for a long time!

I wonder whether installation of pandoc and related tools on Travis machines is faster now. Maybe I will reintroduce documentation CI builds in

@FrauWeide Ja genau in S. Ist echt schlimm wenn man da durch muss. Überall Besoffene und passiv-aggresive Menschen.

Als ich noch jünger war, war sie Klettpassage so schön. Jetzt ist sie... das nicht mehr.

X-Men Apocalypse is 'Shit goes down for 2 hours straight ... and now they have to fix that'!

Die Jobbeschreibung "Talent Sourcer" hat sich bestimmt auch irgendein Marketingmensch ausgedacht.

0.6.1 is out there with two bug fixes for imag-init!

Have a look at the release notes over at

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all computers should boot to a message which says “CAUTION: this is a computer. Are you sure you want to continue? (y/N)”

18 PRs for imag 0.7.0 already opened. travis compiles them now,... I guess I will have a merge-orgy tomorrow! 😃

Half way through. 25 of 51 crates are published.

Am in the process of releasing 0.6.0!

release 0.6.0 coming tomorrow if I do not get hit by a bus.

Am really looking forward to the next two months. I hope I can make it to 0.7.0 before may.

next week! Make sure to come by if you're in Stuttgart (Germany):