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Is it ironical that everytime I see ads like "Looking for JavaScript Developer" I automatically think somethings wrong in that sentence? Because... JavaScript and Developer in one sentence? Whut?

(No offense... I mean, webdev is a thing... but naming it "JS Dev" just sounds wrong to me)

Is there a decent scanning software for Linux? And what scanner should I consider buying? Bonus points for small form-factor!

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God, dating advice columns really are kind of useless.

"Ask to kiss them!"
"Don't ask to kiss them!"
"Bring flowers."
"Don't bring flowers!"
"Be funny."
"Don't try to display humor on the second date!"
"Do what comes naturally."


Just released 0.5.0 of my 'toml-query' with updated dependencies and a new feature: Typed reading (Value::read_string() for example) - yay!

Tomorrow is lounge ... uuuh can't wait!

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The most disappointing set of words to read on the web:

"Wayback Machine doesn't have that page archived."

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What does the main() function (of main.c) of the very first release of Linux (0.01) look like when printed on a T-Shirt?

This. This is what it looks like.

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I don't understand people who think that self-improving artificial intelligence will solve all of humanity's problems. We've already got self-improving natural intelligence and all it does is shitpost and be depressed

Uuuh, Rust bindings for tesseract OCR engine... nice! I hope the author continues her/his work!

Some people are so crazy - A Rust library for reading Excel documents ... I love it!

Why do people still buy laptops with numpad? I mean...


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@tinker @Roland Decentralized, self hostable, open source alternative to #Slack: Riot and Matrix ! Possible to encrypt chatrooms, and the search is wayyy better (search is really lame on Slack)

First nix-collect-garbage for weeks... or almost months? 50GB trash deleted! Good night! :-)

No performance issues that I can notice with the new kernel (fixes for meltdown and specte in 4.14.12 youknow)... nice!

Latest unstable has 'toot' update - now I can use the UI for - oh my god

Latest unstable branch has new kernel and various fixes for icons and so on... pure love!

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2001: Ha ha Linux could even run on a toaster! j/k
2011: Wow this toaster actually runs Linux. It’s not a joke anymore.
2021: Please pay the ransomware to receive your toast.

Rebuilding my on because of youknowwhat.

Thanks, nixos, for making maintenance of my machines so simple!

"Hide-Delegate" is a _really_ stupid refactoring pattern IMO!

Why isn't there a profile of the team? I mean... they have the bird site...